Technical Specifications

General Comments
The history of field performance of Plasticlad® has demonstrated excellent resistance to weather in exterior applications under varied environmental conditions. The ingredients comprising Plasticlad® are commonly found in exterior vinyl sidings and window components. Accelerated exposure to UV testing shows no yellowing of the product, in fact Plasticlad® actually gets whiter with exposure to UV rays for the first seven to ten years. Additional testing is ongoing to accurately determine the long term environmental effects on Plasticlad®.

Fire Characteristics
The oxygen index of Plasticlad® is 35%. An oxygen index in excess of 26% denotes a material as self extinguishing, meaning a fire will not continue to burn once the flame source is removed. By comparison, birch has an oxygen index of 21% and oak carries an index of 23%.

The flame spread index of Plasticlad® is 25. Plasticlad® is a self extinguishing material that will not burn once an active flame source has been removed.

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